Personnel working on the CERN site are kindly requested to contact the Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service
before going to the building 133 for the Thursday sale.

Most of the equipment comes from complex facilities that are no longer in operation, such as experiments or accelerators, but the Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service also handles low-value items from the laboratory or offices, such as computers, furniture, metals, lead-acid batteries or electronic and computer equipment.

Do you have equipment or material that you no longer need?

Whether it is surplus equipment, equipment from discontinued facilities, equipment that has become obsolete or simply office items of little value (cupboards, chairs, or other furniture) or laboratory items, do not leave them sitting around unused for years, make a storage and internal transport request via EDH for the building 133.

Are you looking for cheap or secondhand equipment?

Where equipment or material is no longer needed, it is first offered for use to other CERN departments. If the equipment or material is not to be reused at CERN it will be offered for sale.

Consult the Sales Catalogue and make an offer!

You can make an offer online at any time, or visit the warehouse on Thursday from 1.30 pm to 4 pm (book an appointment).

Recyling at building 133

Open from 8.30am to 11.30am and from 1.30pm to 4pm, closed on Friday afternoon.

Please note that furnitures should not be thrown in the containers (even old and metallic ones). Storage and internal transport request should be created via EDH (category "Internal transport", nature "Removal") and addressed to the building 133.

1. Containers for electronic and computer equipment 

To have a container reserved to computer equipments (red) or electronics (blue), please create a storage and internal transport request (category Internal transport) via EDH. (Dimensions: 110*80* h 80 cm and weight 84 kg)

The red containers for computer equipment must only contain computer screens, keyboards, towers, printers, televisions or empty hard disks.

  • Toners for printers are recyclable and must be returned to the reception in Meyrin (building 194), via a transport request.
  • Containers should not be kept for more than a week.

N.B: cardboard, paper, batteries, accumulators or capacitors are not allowed. Please do not overflow the bins, which must not be exposed to bad weather.

2. Containers for metals

N.B: a bin or container must contain metals of the same type, it is necessary to sort them.
I.e: one container for stainless steel, another for aluminium, another for copper, another for steel, another for brass, another for lead, another for copper cables, another for aluminium cables.

  • To obtain a grey container, reserved for regular pickups, please contact Service Desk or create a storage and internal transport request via EDH (building 133, green container),
  • to obtain a large-capacity container for metals, please create a request with Service Desk.

3. Containers for lead-acid batteries

  • Small quantities: the batteries can be dropped off at building 133,
  • large quantities: a request for a container can be create with a storage and internal transport request (category "Internal transport") and addressed to building 133.

Caution: transporting batteries

  • Should not present any damage to their containers (otherwise building 262, chemicals should be involved),
  • should be secured in such a way that they cannot leak, slip, fall or be damaged (e.g. by stacking on pallets),
  • should not have dangerous traces of alkalis or acids on their surface,
  • should be protected against short circuits.

If in doubt about other wastes, please contact the Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service or check the website of SCE: What goes where?