How to buy

CERN equipment and material which is no longer of use, including equipment or material from complex installations can be offered for sale.

Sales are carried out by the Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service, with sales exceeding 1,000 CHF benefiting the Department which initiated the sale.

Three categories of articles are involved:

  1.  Obsolete equipment recuperated from a technical installation
  2.  Waste material (metals)
  3.  Low-value articles (under 1,000 CHF)

Sales procedure for all departments

  • Remove the material from the inventory.
  • Submit a request via the Service Portal.
  • Once received, your request will be submitted for approval, typically from your Departmental Planning Officer.
  • Once approved, the Recuperation & Sales Service will contact the person specified in the request, or the approver directly to make arrangements for the item(s) to be sold or recuperated.

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