How to buy

Surplus equipment and material offered by CERN is grouped into three categories:

  1.  Obsolete equipment recuperated from a technical installation
  2.  Waste material (metals)
  3.  Low-value articles (under 1,000 CHF)

For articles in category A, CERN will seek a minimum of three offers. When the price estimate is under 5,000 CHF, offers can be made orally. When the price estimate is between 5,000 and 100,000 CHF, offers must be made in writing. When the price estimate is over 100,000 CHF, CERN will issue a Call for Tender before establishing a contract of sale.

For articles in category B, CERN will seek a minimum of three offers every ten months from specialized local firms to establish to determine ongoing market values for the materials being offered.

For articles in category C, a simple sale will be made and receipt provided.

1. Rules for material removal

Goods offered by the Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service are sold on the Frenco-Swiss area of Meyrin in Geneva. Buyers are responsible for all expenses and administrative procedures relating to the removal and transport of the material.

Payment must be made before material can be removed. For items in category B, 30-day payment terms may be authorized by CERN, subject to the customer involved being creditworthy.

Payments must be made electronically, either by bank transfer in advance or by payment card at the warehouse.

Equipment is sold without any guarantee (no return or exchange is accepted).

2. Formality

Equipment imported into Switzerland is tax-free and duty-free, if it is more than three years old.

Equipment imported into France (or another country) may involve tax or duties depending on its age, value and origin.

Buyers are responsible for all expenses and customs declarations.

A. Private individuals

Private individuals who buy recuperated material must leave CERN from the customs gate before 4 pm under the supervision of a security guard, showing the yellow copy of their sales receipt when requested. The white copy is considered as the invoice.

B. Professional buyers

For professional sales (industry and metals trade), drivers must have their vehicles weighed at the customs gate before and after loading in order to complete the request for expedition or to declare the exportation (these documents are established by the person in charge of sales and expeditions).

After completing the relevant documents, drivers must leave CERN from the customs gate under the supervision of a security guard, showing the relevant document when requested.

When exporting equipment of material, professional buyers will have to present themselves to the customs services (Ferney-Voltaire). No transit documents can be delivered by CERN. The export declaration must be submitted to a freight broker while crossing the border (e.g. Gondrand or Fert at the Ferney-Voltaire border), with the broker registering the importation into France from the Swiss-French customs.

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