The Storage, Recuperation and Sales Service, part of CERN's Finance, Procurement and Knowledge Transfer Department stores, recycles and sells all CERN equipment and material which is no longer of use.

Most of the material comes from complex installations, such as accelerators or specific experiments. However, the service also handles low-value items from offices and laboratories, such as computers or furniture.

Do you have any surplus material?

If you have any kind of surplus material, technical equipment left from a previous experiment, obsolete installations or low-value items stored in offices and laboratories, do not leave it sitting around unused for years!

Make a request of transport via EDH for the Building 133.

Are you looking for cheap or secondhand equipment?

Where equipment or material is no longer needed, it is first offered for use to another CERN department. If the equipment or material will not be reused at CERN it will be offered for sale.

You can make an offer online at any time, or visit the warehouse on Thursday from 1.30 pm to 4 pm.